Wayne Barrett Success Story

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Wayne Barrett Success Story




Mount Ousley (Wollongong)

Date started:

26th June 2020

How much you have lost:


Did you use the drops or caps?


Can you give us a little bit of background around your situation before the program?

I had always fluctuated with my weight and had always thought I had carried my weight well, but age seems to catch up with you and I found I was becoming more depressed, which then led to being cranky with my family.

Had you tried losing weight before? If so, why was it not effective?

Yes, I have done soup diets, shakes you name it, I have tried it. The thing with those diets is that they don’t teach you good habits and it is not sustainable if you want to keep the weight off. I had to change my mind set, it had taken me 43 years to build this body and four weeks on a crash diet would not fix that.

What was it about the WLWJ program that was different and what worked this time?

I was dedicated this time round, I know this program works because my wife Mary-Louise did it and had great results losing nearly 30kgs. I had success as well but found I wasn’t as dedicated at the time. The days I worked it was easy, but on weekends I wouldn’t follow it 100% and that would just undo all that hard work I had done during the week. This time round I have gone the distance, no alcohol, bread, butter, sugar for eight weeks. Food prep was the key to success, making up big batches of soup and veggie stir fry so I could have meals on the run if need be. I also so found that walking and going to the gym after about the four week period was vital to using up that energy I found I had now.

What were the results?

20.6kgs in 8 weeks and still going

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