Theresa Johnson Success Story

Theresa Johnson

Theresa Johnson Success Story




East London, South Africa

Date started:

1 March 2021

How much you have lost:


Can you give us a little bit of background around your situation before the program? Did you use the drops or caps?

I used the caps, because it was so much easier and more convenient for me. I started picking up weight during lockdown being at home for so long and suffering from emotional eating, eating when I am actually not even hungry.

You tend to walk to the kitchen and open cupboard doors and the fridge out of boredom, eating unconsciously basically. Also making terrible food choices as in crisps, chocolates and fast foods.

Emotionally you tend to switch off and just carry on until you see a photo of yourself and you realise that you have let yourself go so much and need to do something about it. It’s a mind-set, you need to get your head into gear and move forward without looking back and continue to tell yourself, YOU can do this.

I also started going to a personal trainer for the past 2 months and that helped a hell of a lot, especially with his motivation. It keeps me going.

Had you tried losing weight before? If so, why was it not effective?

I have yes, I have tried most of the products on the market that’s available in South Africa, but once you stop using the product you pick up all the weight you’ve lost plus more. Also I did not enjoy using shakes.

What was it about the WLWJ program that was different?

The most positive for me personally is the fact there are no preservatives or artificial products in the tablets, all natural. Also no side effects.

As I have never been a big eater in the mornings, I was extremely happy to only have a fruit that was a deal breaker for me. As for the rest of the foods, I didn’t mind eating what was on the list as you can make so many different meals with them.

What were the results?

I am extremely stoked with the results, however I did not measure myself. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and 9.8kgs. I am extremely happy with overall results, although I still have a couple of kilos to loose.

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