Samantha Spencer Success Story

Samantha Spencer Success Story


Samantha Spencer





Date started

(unsure I’d say around may last year)

How much you have lost?

I’ve lost 38kg

Did you use the drops or caps?

I used the caps (50 day)

Can you give us a little bit of background around your situation before the program?

Long before the program I was fit healthy and happy I then had a baby who is now 4 almost 5 so for 5 years iv struggled with my weight. I tried a lot of different things to lose and nothing would move about a month before I started the program I hit 98kg 😭 I was depressed lazy and couldn’t do the things I loved eg play football it was starting to take a toll on my knees carrying so much weight. I couldn’t play with my son or so many things at all. I was also diagnosed with PCOS. I was ashamed to go swimming or go out as I felt terrible in everything. I heard about your program from a friend and thought I’d give it a go. It was the best decision iv ever made it has changed my life. I can now do the things I love and I feel happy, healthy and energised! I’m a completely different person! Thank you Jess

Had you tried losing weight before? If so, why was it not effective?

Yes I have tired using other diets with shakes or a crap load of working out ! I found this worked because it was eating the right foods and getting into the routine of having breakfast lunch and dinner half way through it was like I wasn’t even on a diet I was just eating healthy and you can make whatever you want as long as it’s on the list and that’s what I needed (:

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