Diet Drops – 50 Day Plan WLWJ (Over 7 Kilos of Weight Loss)

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Weigh Less with Jess Diet Drops 50 (60 ml bottle)

A 60ml Bottle Diet Drops will generally accommodate in excess of 7kgs weight loss* and will last for 50 Days, when the drops are consumed correctly.

The Weigh Less with Jess meal plan is included with your purchase.

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The 50 day plan – Diet Drops (60 mls) is used when you wish to lose over 7 kgs of weight loss.

Weigh Less with Jess meal plan is included in your purchase.

The diet drops are placed under your tongue three times a day and are used by those who struggle to swallow capsules.

How do they work?

  • May aid or assist weight loss by suppression of appetite in conjunction with a kilojoule/calorie controlled eating plan
  • Designed to complement the well documented Weigh Less with Jess Diet Plan
  • Potent Australian made formula
  • Professionally Packaged Complete with User Guide
  • Powerful improved formula of amino acids, TCM and herbal/plant extracts that form a powerful formulation to assist weight loss and weight management
  • Hormone Free, Non Homeopathic, Gluten Free, Vegetarian
  • Contains the Adaptogen Rhodiola. Adaptogens are a class of traditional herbal medicines that have been found to support the balancing of body systems and support recovery. Rhodiola is a traditional herbal remedy used to assist / may help stamina and endurance, energy, vitality and immune function.
  • Green Tea is a Traditional Chinese Medicine which may enhance the body’s own antioxidant defence’s and may also be beneficial during times of high metabolic activity such as strenuous exercise and weight loss by helping to scavenge free radicals and reduce excessive oxidation (oxidative stress).


Alanine, Glutamine, Histidine, Leucine, Levocarnitine, Nicotinic Acid, Omithine Monohydrochloride,Threonine, Rhodiola Rose Root, Camellia Sinsensis. Herbal Extracts equivalent to: Rhodiola Rosa Root, Camellia Sinsensis (Green Tea). Also contains Ethanol and Potassium Sorbate

Buy more than 1 bottle and share with a friend or partner and receive a 15% discount on the price

Customer feedback has been excellent with over 600 verified reviews.

This product will last for 50 days when used correctly and consists of a 60 ml bottle of drops TGA listing ARTG 256014

The Weigh Less with Jess Diet Drops with ARTG 256014 are of the highest quality available. In keeping with current and projected requirements, they are hormone-free and non-homeopathic.

The proprietary formulation with supporting amino acids, herbal and plant extracts, is designed to be effective when taken in conjunction with the Weigh Less with Jess Diet Plan. Proudly manufactured in a Licensed Australian Facility, containing only Australian compliant ingredients with Guaranteed Quality Control and Testing to Australian Standards. We maintain rigorous standards and testing through all phases of production including pharmaceutical grade GMPC.

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5 reviews for Diet Drops – 50 Day Plan WLWJ (Over 7 Kilos of Weight Loss)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jacqueline Calleja

    I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful this product is!! Before I started this program I was in a bad state, never wanted to go out, I was in the obese category, I never wanted to take any pictures of me with my babies and I was an angry person and I took my anger out on others because I was so unhappy with myself. Then I came across these products and my goodness I’m so grateful that I did! I have tried every diet and weight loss program under the sun for years and years and after about a week I well and truly give up because I’m the type of person that NEEDS to see results fast to keep me motivated. Well sure enough this product does just that!! You instantly see results and it continues on a daily basis providing you stick to the program 100%, which isn’t hard to do because you WANT to keep going due to your daily weight loss. I can’t recommend this program enough! You do lose weight, you do feel better, your skin clears up! It’s like a miracle diet!! Love love love this program, I’m so happy I found it!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Michelle Faria (verified owner)

    Wowee! I cant even begin to tell you how many years I have struggled with weight loss and tried so many different products, programs, shakes and diets and nothing would work until I was recommended Weigh Less with Jess.
    At first I was very skeptical as I had tried so many things and nothing had worked. It was back in 2014 when I started my journey with WLWJ.
    I chose the 50day drops, based on the fact that I have always struggled swallowing tablets no matter the size and am happy that this program can cater for people who are unable to take tablets whether it be a psychological or health reason. I lost 13kilos on the 50day program in my first round and have continued to use the drops when I have come back for more rounds.
    The best thing I have ever come across and would recommend it to anyone needing assistance to drop a couple of kilos or to feel happy again!! 🙂

  3. 5 out of 5

    Kelley (verified owner)

    I recently received my 50 day drops and can’t wait to get started.
    My weight has been a constant battle for most of my life and no matter what I do, I can’t shift 20kgs that is dragging me down.
    I am confident that this will help me get to where I want to be.
    Every day I learn something new from the Facebook support group and can’t wait to share my results with the group.
    Thanks to Jess, Mel and the WLWJ team. ?

  4. 5 out of 5


    I first did this programme 2+ years ago and used the drops.
    After trying Weight Warchers, Jenny Craig, optidast and Skinny Fibre and never lost over 6.4kgs. On the WLWJ programme I lost a whopping 33kgs and went from a size 20/22 down to a 14 and never felt as sexy and proud as I did then.
    The plan is so easy to use especially for me as I am not a big eater and a stree non eater so the 500 cal plan was perfect for me.
    I maintained beautifully for 2+ years and was working on a dairy farm and due to an accident at work did I then put about half back on due to immobilisation for 19 weeks so because I know it works I am about to redo this journey with such excitement knowing it’s full proof . ???????❤️

  5. 5 out of 5

    fsavea25 (verified owner)

    Ever since I started this journey. The drops have and will always be my pick over the tablets…
    The taste you get used to after a while!

    • Mel Wishart

      I agree, the drops were always my go to also. Thanks for your feedback xx

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