WLWJ Little Buddy Pack (25 days x 2 lots) Soft Gel Caps

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Weigh Less with Jess Soft Gel Caps 25 Pack of 2 – Do the program with a friend. (RRP $276.00)

1 x 25 day container of Weigh Less with Jess Soft Gel Caps will generally accommodate up to 7kgs in weight loss*  and will last the 1 x 25 days for the Weigh Less with Jess plan, when Soft Gels Caps are consumed correctly. There are 2 x 25 Soft Gel Caps containers in this buddy pack, one for you and one for your buddy tp last you 25 days each.

2 x Weigh Less with Jess meal plan is included in your purchase.

TGA listing ARTG 212467

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Weigh Less with Jess Soft Gel Caps 25 Pack of 2 – Buddy Pack (RRP $276.00)

A 25 soft-gel container will generally accommodate up to 7kgs of weight loss*  and will last the 1 x 25 day Weigh Less with Jess plan, when consumed correctly.

There are 2 x 25 Soft Gel containers in this package deal. One for you and one for your buddy.

TGA listing ARTG 212467

The Soft Gel capsules have earned an AUST L number – ARTG 212467, thereby ensuring total Australian regulatory compliance as well as the highest quality control and testing conditions that exist for Australian pharmaceuticals. It is a hormone-free formulation that includes a specific combination of amino acids and herbal/plant extracts. It is super-potent and as such is delivered as a once-a-day soft gel capsule to be taken 10 minutes before the main protein meal (lunch or dinner).

Designed to be just as effective as our Diet Drops when taken in conjunction with the Weigh Less with Jess Diet Plan an alternative for those who may find a once a day capsule more convenient.

Customer feedback has been excellent.

How do they work?

– Assists in weight loss by suppression of  appetite in conjunction with a kilojoules/calorie controlled eating plan.

– Contains a combination of Amino Acids, Vitamins and Herbal extracts that form a powerful formulation to assist weight loss and weight management.

It contains the following traditionally herbal medicines:

* rhodiola, been found to assist with stamina and endurance, immune function, mental and physical performance, energy and vitality, relieving fatigue and exhaustion, mood and nervous system tension

* astragalus, that promotes vitality and energy levels

* citrus aurantium, used in Chinese medicine as a digestive cleansing herb

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