Jenni Prince Success Story

Jenni Prince Success Story

Can you give us a little bit of background around your situation before the program?

My name is Jenni Prince. I am 62 years old (63 in May)

I started using this program on 1st January 2020 as it was my New Years Resolution to make some changes.

This journey has improved my relationship, my sex life and my whole attitude on life.

Had you tried losing weight before? If so, why was it not effective?

I tried numerous diets before this and to be honest, I was totally apprehensive about this one too. I kept putting off starting. I was not happy, I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin let alone my clothes. I never wanted to go anywhere. There was always this drama of trying on clothes but feeling uncomfortable in everything. My relationship suffered. My partner is a musco so we were always going out. I admit also I like to have a few drinks, as it always made everything more bearable. I love Moscato and as we all know, it’s loaded with sugar.

What was it about the WLWJ program that was different and what worked this time?

When I finally started the program I will admit I was a ‘Negative Nelly’. Thinking, another bloody diet! I found it difficult in the beginning as I didn’t have access to the website so found it hard. When I was able to access the website and found all the yummy recipes (almost 3/4 of the way in P2) it made life so much easier. Also, being able to ask questions in the fb support group and actually feeling supported helped enormously. I really don’t think I would of continued on without it.

I feel totally blessed now, being in P3 and feeling so awesome and healthy.

I must also admit, my partner is super supportive and incredibly kind, loving and totally amazed by my changes. He keeps telling me how happy he is to have his ‘Jen’ back. He keeps assuring me how proud he is of me. Life for me has totally changed. I actually feel like ‘my old self’.

The other really important thing, I was lucky enough to meet Jess and she has been (and will continue to be) such an inspiration and a part of my life. She is down to earth and it feels like we have been close friends for years but I only met her yesterday. She totally believes in this program and I understand why. It’s brilliant! It works!

Not only that, but you learn so much about your eating habits and your life challenges along the way.

This has been and still is an exciting adventure.

What were the results?

I was 95 kilos when I started and today (25/3/20) I am 74 kilos.

Not only have I lost weight, but I am so happy and healthy. I have changed my perception of food and really enjoy eating healthy. Sometimes, I get full easily.

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