Courtney Success Story

Courtney Success Story

Can you give us a little bit of background around your situation before the program?

Courtney, 25, Brisbane,November 2019, 3 rounds of the 50 days capsules on and off over 9 months

Had you tried losing weight before? If so, why was it not effective?

After having my 2 children the weight just piled on and I wasn’t looking after myself, Id tried different diets but could never stick to it, and I came across weigh less with Jess on Facebook and saw the results people had made and thought what have I got to lose. And it sounded to good to be true to lose weight and not needing to exercise 😂 finding the time with 2 little ones was to hard.

What was it about the WLWJ program that was different and what worked this time?

So I got my first round and lost 12 kilos in the first 50 Days and it has completely changed my life and mindset of food in general.

What were the results?

I’ve been using this program on and off over 9 months and I have lost 20 kilos and counting

Thanks again ❤️

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