Amber T Success Story

Amber T Success Story

Date started:

December 2019

How much you have lost:

So far 18kgs

Can you give us a little bit of background around your situation before the program?
I did my first round in 2018 and lost about eight kilos and felt amazing. But then I didn’t do P3 and I put it all back on then more. (P3 is so important to maintain your loses ladies).
Last Christmas I felt horrible, my friend took photos of me in the pink top (above), which I hated at the time but they really were the kick up the butt I needed! I was sitting back watching my family have fun at the rockpool as I hated getting into bathers. I started my next round on the 11th of January and maintained my losses. Then I gained about four kilos during iso as I was nervous eating. So, I decided to start another round and I have just finished my pills and I have lost 18 kilos and 24cms off my waist all up since New Years Eve!
What was it about the WLWJ program that was different?
If you’re sitting on the fence, do it, this program works and you won’t regret it! I am not done yet, I want to lose about another 15 kilos, so I have a few more rounds to go, but thanks Jess, Mel and Anna. This program really is changing peoples lives and it has changed mine.

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